About us

Move38 seeks to delight hands, challenge minds, and inspire curiosity. We believe we learn best when at play, and that our play shapes who we are.

Our first creation, Troxes, have received a warm welcome and some say they could make you more creative. They were designed at the MIT Media Lab as a medium for geometric play beyond the boxes and right angles that are so common in most building toys. Troxes exercise and deepen spatial thinking, and allow for the construction of objects as beautiful as they are unusual.

Our next creation is a new kind of tabletop game, with components that think for themselves, talk to each other, and come alive under your fingertips. Being digital doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice the social aspect of gameplay, bringing the best of digital to hands-on, face-to-face experiences.


One of the simplest games to learn, and difficult to master is over a thousand years old. Go, consisting of a 19x19 grid board, has so many possible moves at any given moment, that it was thought impossible for a computer to play at the same level as a human. Only recently, the worlds best Go player, Lee Sedol, faced-off against AlphaGo, an AI built by Google engineers.

In game 2 of a 5 game match, there was only one moment that caught everyone by surprise. AlphaGo, made one move that no single professional player predicted, resulting in a powerful win. That move, was move 37. We are the human response, Move38, thinking about our future and what it means to play with systems.