Neri the Swan
Neri the Swan
Neri the Swan
Neri the Swan

Neri the Swan

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No Glue. No Tape. No scissors. Impress your friends by showing them this geometric swan you constructed entirely out of paper. No origami skill necessary, the kit comes with instructions on how to connect Troxes to build a robust model, and spare pieces to experiment as well.

Troxes are triangular, interlocking building bricks. They were designed at the MIT Media Lab as a medium for geometric play beyond the boxes and right angles that are so common in most building toys. Troxes exercise and deepen spatial thinking, and allow for the construction of objects as beautiful as they are unusual.

Neri is named for a modern face of Architecture, working with materials and processes never before explored, Neri Oxman leads the MIT Media Lab's Mediated Matter group.


  • 60 Troxes (made of 100% Plike)
    • 52 Feather White Troxes
    • 4 Matte Black Troxes
    • 4 Magnificent Orange Troxes
  • "Getting Started" Instructions
  • "How-To make a Trox Swan" Instructions


size: 5" x 4.5" x 1.25"
weight: 6 oz.